Dear valued Clients,

Our research shows that investors who want to invest in Vietnam always hesitate at the high service fees but they do not know about the result. Having realized this issue Investpush Legal can help you business in Vietnam with the most appropriate fee as well as advising the best way to complete your plan.

We also understand that the fee is sometimes not the most concerned, the good result is the key point. In Investpush Legal, we try our best and believe in the success based on our experiences and deep legal knowledge. You will always receive solutions from us based on your intention. Once we give you the solution, it means you will be successful. We provide legal solutions, not advise an inflexible law.

Investpush Legal has served more than 300 national and international Clients coming from over 30 countries by not only experience, prestige, professional expertise but also high dedication. Our consulting service scale range from plain to complicated practices including but not limited to services, real estate, distribution, education, manufacture, e-commerce.

We treat ourselves as not only a partner to clients but also a friend because we know that you will not come with us once. We desire to walk with you during your business in Vietnam.

“Investpush Legal aims to become one of the best partners of foreign investors with a flare of innovative solutions and commendable ethical standards”

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